YOU deserve the ONLY the BEST! 
That is why we at Sacrament only 
carry the finest American made implant grade body jewelry available for you and
your new piercing!
​That is right! We only use the finest internally threaded, implant grade surgical steel and titanium for all fresh piercings from all your trusted companies like Anatometal, Industrial Strength and Neometal. 
Just as we grow, so does our jewelry knowledge.  We realize that many of us still have our piercings from youth, but now that we know what good jewelry is,  we want it!

Let us help guide you between all your choices- from natural stones and gems, to gem  cuts and facets, to golds and different combinations.  Come by and see what pretties we have in stock for you now, or can help you special order.
We are also The Natural Selection Showroom!
We are the Natural Selection body jewelry showroom for the United states!  This means we have  TONS of ear wieghts and earrings for all size of ears ! All our jewelry is made with real crystals and minerals in either silver or brass. 
Can't find the perfect piece of jewelry? Let us help...
 Regardless if you know the difference between bezel,  prong , crown, pave or other settings,  we would be more than happy to guide you through the many, many options  you have and dont know about. We can help you create a one of kind beautiful piece of jewelry  that you can enjoy for years to come!  Call and make an appointment and let us help you see what your options are!