We are closely monitoring the recommendations from the CDC and will open again based on their information. This is not a decision we make lightly, but the health and safety of our clients and staff is something we take seriously and is of utmost importance to us.  Until then please email Info@sacramentbodypiercing.com for questions or concerns and check back soon for our upcoming webstore!!
​Thanks for understanding!

Frequently Asked questions

 Q: How much does it cost to get a piercing?

 A: The piercing fee for most piercings  is $30, and jewelry is extra depending on what you chose to get pierced with. We have lots of classic steel and titanium designs with crystals and genuine gems, along with lot of upgrades like  gem clusters and gold! 

Q: How old do I have to be and what do I need to get pierced?

A:  Due the fact the body  is still growing  for some young adults, not all piercings are suited for all anatomies and ages. Here is a list of what shop policy is for piercings. 

14  + - Ears
16+ Nostril, Navel, oral piercings  
18+ everything else

*Government ID MUST be presented for all piercees, parents and/or legal guardians. 
** Minors must be accompanied by a parent with birth certificate for minor with ID's for both parent and minor that match the birth certificate. This is to ensure that the parent is accompanying the minor, and not just the cool aunt, uncle or step parent.  All legal guardians must present court appointed paperwork and valid government IDs.

Q: Is it gonna hurt?

A: Not nearly as much as you might think! In fact, the actual piercing is so brief that the worst part is the preceeding mental anxiety and fear. And, no matter how the piercing felt, almost everyone who gets pierced can't help but laugh or smile when it's over. Don't get me wrong, piercing is not a painless experience--but pain is completely relative to the individual and the pain incurred during a piercing is nothing that the average person can't handle. If it was that bad, everyone wouldnt have it done. Remember, the piercing process only lasts a split second, while the new addition to your body can be enjoyed as long as you like!

Q : Do I need an appointment?

A : Not at all!  Due to the 405 and 5 free ways fighting us and appointment times, we strongly encourage walk ins!! Feel free to walk in anytime during normal business hours and we would happy to help you with whatever we can in a first come, first served basis.

Q: Can I bring my own jewelry?

A: Short answer , no.  Since your health and safety is of utmost importance to us,   we only use  American made implant grade quality internally threaded jewelry for all of our intial piercings. Since we can not guarantee the safety of the material of your previously used jewelry like we can with ours, for your health and safety, we will not use or re-use your jewelry.

Q : Do you do 'intimate piercings?"
A : Yes! Please keep in mind not all anatomy is suited for all piercings! Come in for a consulation or make an appointment, and let our senior piercer with over 25 years experience help you to see what you can and cant do!  He spent a few years perfecting his mastery of genital piercings at some of the busiest premiere studios through out the US and Europe.  We are extremely professional and confidential. 

Q : Do I tip my piercer, and if so how much?

A:  We are in the service industry and do our best to make sure you have a wonderful experience getting your new jewelry or new piercing. If you had a wonderful time and great experience, by all means feel free to give us a 5, 10 20 ( we will not say no) - but realize it not expected or required. We also appreciate an awesome Yelp or google review,.. just sayin' :)